The Stork and The Crab

The Stork and The Crab

The tales of Panchatantra are ancient Indian animal fables, in a short story format. “The Stork and The Crab” is one of those amazing stories from Panchatantra with a great moral. It is the story of a cunning stork and a wise crab. There is a pond which was home for fishes, crabs and many more. A stork who sees the pond feels happy as he got lots of fish to eat. As time passes the stork gets weaker and this makes him think of a plan.

Finally, he comes up with a cunning plan and starts eating the fish in the pond. After some time a crab in the pond who finds out the plan of stork thinks wisely to escape and save the remaining ones in the pond. Did the crab succeed? Read this interesting moral story from the Panchatantra to know.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Publication: S. Chand & Company Ltd.

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