The Moon’s First Friends

The Moon’s First Friends

Most of the parents narrate different stories to kids under the moon, to make their little ones sleep. Have your children ever asked you anything about the moon? They did right? Read this beautiful story to them. The moon’s first friends will make your children giggle a little, wipe a tear, and learn many facts about the moon and his surroundings in a simplest way. It is a perfect read for every curious kid who loves scientific wonders.

The moon who is high up in the sky spent her whole life watching the earth and hoping if someone comes to visit her. There are many things happening on earth, from pyramids to boats. But no one comes to visit her. So this is the story of the moon who wishes to have a friend. Finally, did she find one? Read this cute story to know.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Susanna Leonard Hill.
Publication: Sourcebooks Wonderland.

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