Hands are Not for Hitting

Hands are Not for Hitting

The basic and a very common thing among children growing up is hitting. Reasons for this can be gaining attention, angry and etc. Because kids sometimes think negative attention is better than no attention at all and we can also see children hitting when they are fighting with someone because they view the same situation in different ways. This beautiful story by Martine Agassi teaches readers that the hands are not just for hitting.

It is a story about activities that children and teachers can do with hands other than hitting. It teaches children how to use their hands correctly. This gives ideas and tips on how to deal with angry in such a small age. The lively, colorful illustrations and clear language by the author Martine Agassi and Illustrator Marieka Heinlen will clearly explain to kids that hitting is never okay. A great choice to teach kids good habits through story and pictures.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Martine Agassi.
Publication: Free Spirit Publishing Inc.

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